Become a Stealth Retailer

Kevin Sterneckert, former research vice president and lead research analyst at Gartner, and Sudhir Holla, senior vice president at Ugam, highlight the importance of understanding and leveraging consumer insights to make better merchandise and business decisions. Using research from Gartner on multi-channel retailing, Kevin and Sudhir focus on the implementation of stealth competitive strategies as a way to accumulate and analyze consumer signals.

Resale Price and MAP Monitoring

Gene Zelek, partner at Freeborn & Peters focused on marketing law with an emphasis on pricing and channel management, and Navin Dhananjaya, chief solutions officer at Ugam, discuss the intricacies of Resale Pricing and MAP policies in today’s digital world by taking viewers through the process of understanding, implementing, documenting, and monitoring a Resale Pricing and MAP policy.

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