Australia Holiday Season Retail Insights 2016: Toys

Online retail in Australia has grown considerably, and is expected to become more competitive this year. Find out in our latest report, how major online retailers in Australia including BigW, eBay, Target and Toys “R” Us competed for the top 100 trending toys during the past holiday season.

2016 Holiday Retail Analysis: Amazon vs. Walmart and Jet

Amazon faced some strong competition in 2016 with Walmart’s acquisition of Jet. But did the new combination of Walmart+Jet succeed in beating the online retail giant on pricing and assortment for the top trending electronics and toys during the holiday shopping season? View this report to find out.

2016 Holiday Retail Analysis

2016 Holiday Retail Analysis: Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday

Online shopping has indeed become the preferred channel for holiday shopping. How did major online retailers such as Amazon, Jet, Target and Walmart, etc. compete on assortment and price during the peak 2016 shopping period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday? View this report to find out.

Report: Holiday Season 2016

Report: Holiday Season 2016 - Analyzing the Digital Product Content of Trending Toys and Electronics for Better Conversions

See which websites are ahead of the pack and who is falling behind and why, and learn what fixes you can make to your website to ensure you drive traffic and improve conversions.

Analyzing the Online Presence of Skincare Brands

The Internet is changing how customers shop for products, and beauty products are no exception. With data and analytics, brands can get a clear view of how their products are represented on the digital shelf and help them win online.

Sporting Goods Industry

Analytics in the Sporting Goods Industry: Four Success Stories

The American sporting goods industry is changing. Find out how these four retailers and brands are using data and analytics to improve decision-making and drive business growth.

Star wars

May the 4th Be With You Report: Assortment and Pricing Analysis of Amazon and its Competitors

With access to search, competitive and market data, retailers and brands have more opportunity to increase sales and drive conversion. Find out which retailers were best prepared for May the 4th, and how they compared with Amazon.

A look back: Amazon’s Pricing and Assortment Trends for the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

Ugam’s holiday insights report analyzes leading retailers’ key pricing and assortment for the top-trending toys and consumer electronics in the 2015 holiday season.

24 Quick and Easy Product Content Hacks

This holiday season, instead of merely matching prices against competitors, boost conversions by leveraging product content to attract the right customers and provide a superior shopping experience.

Assortment Intelligence report

Ugam Data and Analysis Reveals Amazon.com Merchandising Assortment Gaps and Competitive Pricing Opportunities

Does Amazon always have the widest variety of products at the lowest prices? A deeper analysis of Amazon’s assortment and pricing reveal the opportunities for retailers to compete with the retail giant.