Case Studies

[Quick Read] Optimize margins with SKU rationalization

Learn how a leading U.S. distributor deployed Ugam’s SKU rationalization framework and tools to identify which SKUs to keep, carry, or drop.

[Quick Read] Improve Customer Experience and Sales with Product Alternates

Learn how a B2B distributor leveraged machine learning algorithms to help identify and provision relevant alternates and improve customer experience.

[Quick Read] Increase Conversion with Better Product Content

Learn how a large IT distributor deployed a data-driven product content framework to improve customer experience and conversion.

[Quick Read] Increasing Web Traffic and Conversion through Coupon Campaigns

Digital coupon promotions are an excellent means to attract customers. Read this quick read case study to know how Ugam helped a leading online retailer run a data-driven coupon campaign to increase web traffic and conversion.

[Quick Read] Identify and Estimate Grey Market

Learn how a multibillion-dollar luxury watch brand monitored unauthorized sellers with timely alerts.

[Quick Read] Monitor Digital Performance Across Channels Using Dashboards

Learn how a global luxury brand leveraged data-driven insights to understand digital KPIs and enabled action for better digital performance.

[Quick Read] Product Alternates Reduce Lost Sales and Improve Customer Experience

Learn how Essendant, a US distributor of workplace essentials implemented a data-driven approach to improve coverage of product alternates for their portfolio.

[Quick Read] Large B2B Distributor Uses Pricing Intelligence for Better Market Driven Pricing

Learn how Ugam helped a multibillion-dollar industrial distributor systematically gather timely and accurate pricing insights at scale.

[Quick Read] Large B2B Distributor Increased Bid Win Rate by 10%

Learn how a global B2B marketplace achieved a high bid win rate amidst fluctuating and complex bid requests with the help of machine learning algorithms.

[Quick Read] Increase conversion with improved content processes and PIM systems

Learn how a multibillion-dollar distributor increased conversion by 10% with Ugam's Minimum Viable Content framework.