Case Studies

[Quick Read] Data-driven Approach to Holistic Range Rationalization

Learn how Ugam helped the head of merchandising at a large office supplies distributor increase margins and revenue through holistic SKU rationalization.

[Quick Read] Merchandising Analytics for Improved Performance

Learn how Ugam helped a multibillion-dollar distributor of workplace essentials measure category and manager performance using merchandising analytics.

[Quick Read] Guide Confident Launch Decisions Using Data and Analytics

Learn how Ugam leveraged its data and analytics capabilities to help a U.S. retailer successfully launch a playbook for luxury watches, by analyzing data on competitor assortment, pricing and consumer demand signals.

[Quick Read] Guide Marketing Decisions through Data-Driven Campaign Measurement Framework

Learn how a U.S. retailer improved the effectiveness of its multi-channel seasonal marketing campaigns to drive traffic and acquire new customers.

[Quick Read] Landscape Analysis to Guide Expansion into New Segment

Learn how a leading U.S. marketplace, primarily into B2C, leveraged data and analytics to successfully diversify into a new segment – B2B.

[Quick Read] Improve Marketing Results through Customer Segmentation

Learn how a U.S. specialty retailer partnered with Ugam to identify relevant customer segments for targeted marketing efforts.

[Quick Read] Improve Aided Consideration by Understanding Key Attributes

Learn how a leading U.S. retailer was able to understand the impact of key attributes driving aided consideration using a quantifiable metric.

[Quick Read] Attribute Marketing Spend by Category

Learn how a U.S. retailer was able to understand marketing spend to help drive category performance by creating a data-driven framework.

[Quick Read] Improve Customer Retention Using Data and Analytics

Learn how a leading department store chain improved customer retention in their loyalty program by using past data to run targeted marketing efforts.

Enhancing Customer Experience With Data And Analytics – Lessons From Essendant

Learn how Essendant improved sales and customer experience by listening to their customer and provisioning alternates. This was presented during a keynote at B2B Online 2018.