Ugam's Brand Intelligence Solution Helps Enforce Online Channel Pricing and Preserves Brand Identity

Managed analytics leader helps brands monitor and enforce MAP compliance, improve the shopper experience and ensure fair competition in the channel

NEW YORK – July 15, 2014 – Ugam, a global leader in managed analytics, today announced its Brand Intelligence solution to help brands protect their margins, reputations and channel relationships. Brand Intelligence enables organizations to efficiently monitor online channel prices for their products and enforce MAP (minimum advertised price) compliance – ensuring that all partners sell their products at uniform prices – helping prevent revenue loss, deliver a consistent customer experience and promote fair competition among affiliates and dealer channels.

Ugam's Brand Intelligence solution eases the burden of MAP monitoring and enforcement by delivering the only comprehensive, real-time price monitoring technology combined with operational support services for follow-up with MAP policy violators. Building on Ugam's powerful pricing engine, the Brand Intelligence solution enables brands to collect up-to-the-minute information on a large number of products across retailers and online marketplaces at the click of a button. The solution offers comprehensive channel price monitoring and operational support capabilities to detect pricing violations, identify unauthorized activity and act upon that information.

Brand Intelligence from Ugam helps channel managers and pricing analysts cope with the increasingly large quantity of data they need to monitor from retail e-commerce sites, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines, and helps them take timely and effective action. The solution is supported by Ugam's global service team, which provides insight and recommendations, and follows up with authorized channel partners.

In summary, Ugam's Brand Intelligence solution:

  • Eliminates manual, time-consuming MAP monitoring and enforcement processes;
  • Provides comprehensive, accurate and up-to-the-minute pricing data;
  • Works well for UPC (Universal Product Code) and non-UPC products;
  • Monitors and tracks MAP violations at variant level – i.e., style or style-color-size;
  • Provides evidence that links back to the date and time of MAP violations;
  • Drives enforcement actions, including warnings and order holds;
  • Significantly reduces time from violation to action;
  • Is easy to use with a dashboard for product managers  and executives; and Provides a rich historical database of channel pricing.
"MAP monitoring is broken. Tracking prices for hundreds or thousands of SKUs across multiple online channels is a real pain point for brands, made worse by emerging dynamic pricing practices, SKU-level pricing and the proliferation of shopping channels," said Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Ugam. "Ugam takes the pain out of it by offering comprehensive, real-time monitoring backed by services for policy enforcement. We reduce the number of violations and speed up the time from violation to action. No other vendor combines large-scale price monitoring, analytics and operational services to help enforce MAP policies."

Ugam's Brand Intelligence is the only solution on the market that provides real-time data to monitor for pricing violations where and when they occur – including display prices, in-cart prices and shipping prices. Online pricing data can be collected at any time, at the whim of product managers, and Ugam's experienced services team closes the loop with noncompliant channel partners by taking action – from issuing warnings to cutting off supply. Brand Intelligence offers an easy-to-use dashboard that provides rich information at a glance for managers and executives. The solution also provides alerts, product and seller watchlists and role-based access.

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