Ugam Interactive Offers Similar Product Price Monitoring, New York, NY

Ugam’s PriceTrac TM provides flexible options for its competitor price monitor.

New York, NY, Feb 27, 2012 – Ugam announced that its competitor price monitor, Ugam’s PriceTrac TM, offers retailers the ability to track all competing products, not just those with identical label. Retailers can identify competing products or outline the characteristics important to them which Ugam Interactive uses to match products. This feature appeals to private label retailers, general retailers, and manufacturers. Private label retailers that only carry their own label can identify competing products to monitor; general retailers can receive broader market information; and manufacturers can keep an eye on their competitors.

“The Ugam’s PriceTrac competitor price monitor has always been known as the only solution with guaranteed accuracy, and now it is also the recognized as the only one to offer similar and private label SKU monitoring. The ability to accurately monitor products that are identical and similar gives retailers the complete picture needed for decision-making”, said David Schoenfeld, VP of Sales and Marketing.

About Ugam
Ugam is a global leader in managed analytics. Combining a proprietary big data platform with a global team of insights and analytics experts, Ugam’s unique offering empowers clients with the confidence necessary to take action that impacts their business. Clients trust Ugam because they deliver unmatched customer experience and specific results. That trust is also based on deep domain expertise, end-to-end service, innovation and the highest quality of insights and analytics, which enable Ugam to transform big data into big insight and direct action. As a result, 9 of the largest 25 retailers, many of the world’s largest brands and online marketplaces, and 12 of the top 25 market research firms turn to Ugam today to help improve their business performance.

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