Ugam Extends Comprehensive Brand Intelligence Offering

Suite of new capabilities delivers deeper insights to help brands drive impactful decisions

NEW YORK, June 28, 2016 -- Ugam, a global leader in managed analytics, today announced an extension to its Brand Intelligence offering, further assisting brands in optimizing their profitability, reputation and channel relationships. The offering now provides organizations with even deeper data and insights critical for monitoring their products' online channel prices, presentation and promotions, enforcing MAP (minimum advertised price) compliance, and improving conversion. These insights help brands protect their revenue, deliver an improved shopping experience and promote fair competition among affiliates and dealer channels.

The extension builds upon the already comprehensive offering with the following suite of new capabilities:

  • Marketplace intelligence – Helps brands understand and drive their channel performance by identifying and addressing gaps in assortment, and reacting to MAP violations and other unauthorized activities.
  • Promotion monitoring – To drive a consistent online brand experience and promote fair channel relationships, this capability gives brands the visibility to objectively deploy promotional funds and monitor promotion activity, such as net price to the consumer after applying the promotion, promotional messaging, length of promotions, etc.
  • Competitive intelligence – This capability helps brands stay ahead of the competition by understanding key elements of the competitive landscape such as new product launches, share of voice, etc. across geographies and channel partners.
  • Where to buy – Features a "Buy Now" widget listed on a brand's product page that shoppers can click to see a list of channel partners selling that particular product, the price of the product and if it is in stock. Shoppers can rest assured knowing they are buying the product from an authorized seller.
    Product content insights – Ensures that shoppers are presented product content that informs and guides their purchase decisions more confidently. This is enabled by auditing, benchmarking and enriching the brands' product content against industry standards and competition.

"As B2C, and more recently B2B, brands and manufacturers increasingly embrace and accelerate digital, it becomes imperative for them to understand and monitor their performance and how they are being represented on their retail channels," said Mihir Kittur, Ugam co-founder and chief innovation officer. "Our comprehensive Brand Intelligence offering delivers true insights which help brands make impactful business decisions and ensure a consistent and better shopping experience."

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Ugam is a global leader in managed analytics that helps retailers, brands and market research firms transform big data into valuable insights. The company’s unique managed services offering combines a proprietary big data technology platform with deep domain knowledge and analytics expertise to empower clients to make decisions that improve their business. For retailers, online marketplaces and brands, Ugam supports better merchandising, marketing and channel management decisions through the use of analytics. For market research firms and insight-based consultancies, Ugam offers a portfolio of solutions including end-to-end research operations, technology transitioning support, and data warehousing, visualization and reporting that enables them to better serve their clients. Five of the top 10 U.S. retailers, many of the world’s largest brands and online marketplaces, and 13 of the top 25 market research firms work with Ugam because of its ability to deliver high-quality insights with unmatched customer experience.

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