Ugam Cited as an Industry Specialist in “Insights-Driven Businesses” Report


NEW YORK – December 20 , 2017 – Ugam, a global leader in data and analytics, today announced its mention in Forrester’s October 2017 report, Insights-Driven Businesses Set the Pace for Global Growth*, by Brian Hopkins, James McCormick and Ted Schadler. Termed “The Vision Report of the Insights-Driven Business Playbook,” the research discusses the ways in which CIOs can channel their companies’ ambitions “toward effective insights and action."

The latest report defines an insights-driven business as one that “harnesses and implements digital insights strategically and at scale to drive growth and create differentiating experiences, products and services.” Forrester examined the valuation, revenue and growth of 40 of these applicable public companies in addition to thousands of venture-backed startups “built around digital insights.”

The authors state that “CIOs must realize that when marketers or digital executives say ‘data,’ what they want is actionable information – in other words, they want insight.” The report lists Ugam as an industry specialist, stating “Build the right insights partnerships and ecosystem – your future depends on it. You probably won’t own all the data, expertise, or technology. We expect most companies to work with a wide variety of insights service partners: Industry specialists like Ugam…”

“Ugam has been able to develop deep domain expertise through our 17 years of working with retailers and consumer brands,” said Ugam CEO, Sunil Mirani. “Our machine learning algorithms combined with human intelligence enable us to provide our clients with actionable insights around their marketing and merchandising initiatives.”

About Ugam
Ugam, a Merkle company, is a leading analytics and technology services company. We help large corporations drive better decisions and performance. Our customer-centric approach delivers impactful business results by leveraging data, technology, and expertise. With 2400+ people spread across locations worldwide, we successfully deploy our services and aptly leverage AI for scale. Thus, we create success stories across industries like Retail & Consumer Brands, High Tech, BFSI, Distribution, and Market Research & Consulting. Over the past 20 years, Ugam has been recognized by several firms including Forrester and Gartner, and was recently named the No.1 data science company in India by Analytics Insight.

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