Ugam Shares Digital Product Content Analysis of Trending Toys and Electronics

New 2016 holiday season report provides guidance for manufacturers and retailers for improving digital product content

NEW YORK – November 16, 2016 – Ugam, a global leader in managed analytics, today released its latest 2016 Holiday Season report, Analyzing the Digital Product Content of Trending Toys and Electronics for Better Conversions. The report examines the product content for five of the season’s trending products in each category, and provides key takeaways related to the strengths and weaknesses of each manufacturer’s and retailer’s approach to presenting their products online.

Digital interactions between retailers and consumers are expected to influence 67 percent of retail sales during the 2016 holiday season, placing added pressure on manufacturers and retailers to provide a rich product content experience that can influence purchase decisions and drive sales.

To understand how manufacturers and retailers are meeting this challenge, Ugam analyzed the product content on U.S. retail sites including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and Best Buy, as well as manufacturer sites including GoPro, Fitbit, Samsung, Hasbro, LEGO, and more.

Highlights from the analysis included:

  • Samsung was the only manufacturer featuring product content that scored higher than the retail websites included in the analysis.
  • Most manufacturer websites are missing the opportunity to engage shoppers by leaving out key product elements.
  • There’s an opportunity for both manufacturer and retail websites to improve internal search features to make it easier for shoppers to discover products.
  • Target consistently lacked in terms of both the presence of key product content elements and meeting content guidelines.

“With digital interactions influencing more holiday shopping this season than ever before, both retailers and manufacturers need to pay close attention to the way they are presenting their products and make sure their websites offer relevant, accurate and engaging product content,” said Sunil Mirani, Ugam CEO. “This report demonstrates how data analytics can be used to identify and address product content gaps to improve traffic, conversions, and the overall shopping experience.”

The analysis is based on data collected on October 17, 2016. Ugam used its proprietary big data platform to collect and aggregate consumer demand signals and identify five trending toys and electronics. To measure the digital product content performance for each product, Ugam identified whether the website included key product content elements, including presence of the brand name, product ID and key attributes in the product name, product description, feature bullets, product specifications, images, and video. Ugam then applied its proprietary scoring method to evaluate the content against key benchmarks, based on industry best practices and on Ugam’s experience working with some of the top Fortune 500 companies.

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This analysis is part of Ugam’s third annual Holiday Season report, which features a series of reports and analysis, highlighting insights that matter to manufacturers and retailers during this critical period.

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