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Study: Retailers need to step up customer engagement for voice-enabled devices - December 19, 2017

Despite the hype around voice devices, retailers didn’t seem to heavily leverage this newest consumer touchpoint. Read more here. >>>

How Best Buy is winning against all odds - December 13, 2017

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Amazon’s poor start a Christmas gift to rival retailers - December 9, 2017

Amazon’s launch in Australia was a surprise for retailers but was it a disappointment for consumers? This article in The Australian discusses this and includes our insights. >>>

Amazon pushes holiday sales of its Alexa-enabled devices, but holds back on voice commerce - December 7, 2017

How well did Amazon’s Echo Dot encourage shoppers to make purchases. Find out in digitalcommerce360. >>>

Amazon's Australian launch breaks records - December 6, 2017

“Australian retailers should focus on their customers and Amazon’s moves, as it’s known to be a long term player.” Read Mihir Kittur’s advice to Australian retailers on Amazon’s launch in the Australian Financial Review. >>>

Amazon underwhelms despite “landmark” launch - December 6, 2017

Inside Retail carries Mihir’s quotes on Amazon’s entry in Australia and why retailers shouldn’t start celebrating just yet. Read the article here. >>>

Australia launch was biggest in Amazon history - December 6, 2017

Mihir Kittur cautions retailers amid mixed reactions on Amazon’s Australia launch. Read this article in Internet Retailing to find out more. >>>

Online shoppers still have plenty of holiday gifts to buy - November 30, 2017

Editor in chief, Don Davis includes our 2017 holiday insights as he reports on the online shopping behavior and trends in voice shopping. Read more in Digital Commerce 360 >>>

Big Data, Big Brands: The Data Network Effect Takes Hold - November 28, 2017

Mihir Kittur in his latest article explains what is the data network effect growth model and how it has built the business heavy weights of today. >>>

Beyond traditional: Grocers need to use new forecasting methods to stock the digital shelf - November 20, 2017

Bad omnichannel experience can lead to loss in customers. Read Anush’s article in Food Dive to know how to combat these issues. >>>