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Why Human Intelligence is Important in the Age of AI - September 4, 2018

In this article, Mihir Kittur opines that we live in the age of ‘Augmented Intelligence,’ where decision making is an interplay between man, machine and data. >>>

How Autodesk Drew Up a Better Data Architecture - July 9, 2018

Here’s an interesting byline on how to pull together data from disparate sources into one platform for the benefit of both the larger organization and customers.

Walmart reportedly beats Amazon to Flipkart with $15B bid - May 4, 2018

Daphne Howland from Retail Dive carries Mihir Kittur’s opinion on the Walmart-Flipkart acquisition. >>>

Battle Of The Titans: Walmart And Amazon Fight To Gain Control Over Flipkart - May 4, 2018

In this Forbes article, Walter Loeb carries Mihir Kittur’s thoughts on consolidation in the Indian ecommerce industry. >>>

And the winner of the latest Amazon-Best Buy deal is… - April 18, 2018

Read this article to find out the various viewpoints on who will benefit most from this deal. Though, one outcome is certain – acceleration of voice-based interactions in US retail. >>>

Apparel retailers invest in online experience, customer satisfaction - April 2, 2018

Retailers are delivering innovative customer service experiences online. Read this article to learn why investing in customer experience is a winning proposition for both, retailers and customers. >>>

Time to lighten that technology tool belt? - February 28, 2018

Jitesh Marlecha outlines ways to evaluate your current data-gathering and analysis systems and how to transition to new ones. >>>

The 6-Step Process to Consolidating Research Technologies - February 28, 2018

Here’s a short guide on what organizations should be looking at as they evaluate their survey technology stack and implement system consolidation. >>>

Amazon launches FBA logistics service in Australia - February 27, 2018

Eli Greenblat, Senior Business Reporter, The Australian, carries Mihir Kittur’s opinion, in his article explaining the new service. >>>

Amazon puts launch into second gear; will store and ship for sellers - February 27, 2018

Patrick Hatch's article in Sydney Morning Herald covers the launch of FBA in Australia and includes data points from our assortment research report. (Also appeared in: The Age, Brisbane Times, The Canberra Times, WA Today) >>>