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What Makes A Company Thrive, Not Just Survive? It’s Culture. - October 16, 2020

Culture, which is unique to an organization, can enable it to retain talent, build loyalty, goodwill and inspire teams to perform better, thus helping an organization not just survive, but also thrive. But culture is by design and deliberate practice, not by chance. >>>

Top 10 Data Science Companies to Work for in India in 2020 - October 13, 2020

Ugam, a Merkle company has been featured in Analytics Insight’s ‘Top 10 Data Science Companies to Work for in India in 2020’ list. >>>

5 Key Attributes To Help Data Scientists Find The Right Company - October 7, 2020

As data science professionals look to apply for jobs, this article deep dives into how they can find a company that not only gives stability in times of current crisis but accelerates their career to newer heights. >>>

What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At Ugam Solutions - September 18, 2020

In this article by Analytics India Magazine, Navin Dhananjaya sheds light on the skill set required to be a Data Scientist, the interview process, and growth opportunities for Data Scientists at Ugam. >>>

Reimagining business in a COVID-19 world - September 8, 2020

As the lockdown lifts gradually and businesses reopen, there’s a need to comprehensively reimagine business to win in a COVID-19 world. Here are some key aspects for leaders to consider while doing so. >>>

We will continue to be proactive, consistent, and transparent in our communication, ensuring our stakeholders are informed of our present and future plans: Sunil Mirani, Ugam - August 21, 2020

As the nation-wide lockdown is slowly lifted , Sunil Mirani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ugam, a Merkle company shares some of their Back to Business strategies. >>>

How businesses can understand consumer insights during uncertain times - August 17, 2020

COVID-19 has caused significant change in consumer behaviour. And to remain relevant, businesses need to recalibrate their understanding of the customer and not rely on pre-COVID-19 data. >>>

Top Data Science Products Build In India – 2020 - August 10, 2020

Ugam’s Digital Shelf analytics solutions featured in Analytics India Magazine’s list of leading analytics and data science products for the year 2020 that have positively impacted businesses across the globe, helping them make decisions. >>>

Top 3 easy to migrate cloud computing platforms - July 2, 2020

The accelerated consumer shift to digital is generating humongous amounts of data. Businesses are exploring quicker, scalable and cost-effective platforms to effectively process large data sets, such as cloud computing. Here are three popular and easy to migrate cloud platforms. >>>

5 ways leaders can guide talent development amid COVID-19 - June 5, 2020

Shifting focus to talent development during the COVID-19 downtime, could help instil employee confidence, fix skill gap, and improve productivity in the long run. >>>