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Top 10 omnichannel retail trends for 2016 - February 2, 2016

In this article featured in Internet retailer, Sudhir Holla, Senior Vice President at Ugam, gives a rundown of what we believe are the most significant omnichannel trends to watch for in 2016. >>>

Allen Edmonds switches channels with ease - February 2, 2016

This article featured in Chain Store Age explains why omnichannel footwear retailer Allen Edmonds relies on Ugam to ensure brand and price consistency across a dizzying array of consumer touch-points. >>>

A Beginner’s Guide to Tableau for Market Research - January 11, 2016

Tableau produces a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. In this article featured in the 2016 CASRO Journal, Joel Correa, senior manager of technology at Ugam, provides a few steps to get your feet wet with this popular program. >>>

Tracked from morning to evening - January 7, 2016

As the technology of Internet of Things, wearables, and connected devices become more mainstream, there will be more enriched sources of data available for research purposes. In this article featured in Quirk’s magazine, Felix Rios, Market Research Technology Manager at Ugam, charts out his own connected life and ponders the impact on many new data streams on marketing research. >>>

The future of Indian retail in 2016 - January 7, 2016

The burgeoning Indian retail has set many opportunities for growth in the near future. In this article featured in Dataquest, Mihir Kittur, Co-Founder of Ugam, analyzes what we’ve seen so far in the Indian retail sector and points out what to expect in 2016 and beyond. >>>

7 resolutions retail CIOs need to keep in 2016 - January 5, 2016

Retail CIOs have a wide variety of issues to tackle as they move into the New Year. In this article featured in CIO, Sudhir Holla, senior vice president at Ugam, advocates the implementation of big data analytics when making important merchandising and marketing decisions instead of relying purely on gut instincts. >>>

ESOMAR Congress: What is it all about? - December 15, 2015

The ESOMAR Congress is one of the largest market research conferences in the world. In this article featured in RW Connect, Ugam general manager (Europe), Jackie Mold, shares her experience and key takeaways from the 2015 ESOMAR Congress event. >>>

Hiring: The ‘Utility Player’ as a Key Employee - December 4, 2015

The market research industry is constantly evolving and, as a result, clients’ needs are also changing. In this article featured in the GreenBook, Rob Clark, Vice President at Ugam, explains why having a team of flexible go-getters who can roll with the punches will be the key to surviving through the tumult. >>>

Video game consoles are more coveted than tablets and TVs this Black Friday - November 27, 2015

Consumer electronics is a top category for Black Friday sales. This article featured in Mashable, a leading tech and lifestyle news website, includes Ugam’s predictions for what will be the most popular electronics during Black Friday 2015. >>>

A lot of decisions can be made through data analytics: Ugam CIO Mihir Kittur - November 20, 2015

In this interview featured in The Hindu Business Line, Mihir Kittur, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder at Ugam, shares his insights into the Indian retail industry and explains how retailers can deploy big data analytics to stay ahead of the competition.   >>>