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Indian Business Intelligence market evolves to meet real-time needs - March 21, 2016

In this article in Express Computer, Ugam co-founder Mihir Kittur shares his thoughts on how business intelligence and analytics is likely to shape out in the future. >>>

Big data ‘nudges’ lead to better merchandise decisions - March 7, 2016

Big data is driving a host of merchandising decisions every day. In this article featured in The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce, Ugam co-founder Mihir Kittur reveals how big data-driven nudges have translated to increased sales and earnings for Amazon. >>>

How Automated Data-Driven Nudges can Help Retailers Make Better Merchandising Decisions - February 26, 2016

Automated nudges, characterized by internet-enabled technologies, inadvertently impact everyday lives. In this article, featured in Analytics India, Ugam co-founder Mihir Kittur reveals how retailers are leveraging automated data-driven nudges to drive better merchandising decisions. >>>

Protect Your Retail Brand: Framing & Enforcing a Minimum Advertised Price Policy - February 17, 2016

In this article featured in Website Magazine, Mihir Kittur, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder at Ugam, shares the key factors that need to be taken into account when setting and enforcing a MAP policy. >>>

24 Product Content Hacks to Boost Web Traffic and Improve Conversions - February 15, 2016

A superior shopping experience can go a long way in creating long-term happy customers. In this article featured in RIS News, Mihir Kittur, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder at Ugam, provides 24 product content hacks that are easy, quick, practical and effective to help manufacturers and retailers improve the shopping experience and boost conversions. >>>

Allen Edmonds Protects its Brand Image - February 8, 2016

This article featured in RIS News explains how Ugam’s Brand Intelligence solution has helped premium footwear brand, Allen Edmonds, maintain its value proposition by monitoring channel pricing, enforcing its MAP policy, and managing channel relationships. >>>

Top 10 omnichannel retail trends for 2016 - February 2, 2016

In this article featured in Internet retailer, Sudhir Holla, Senior Vice President at Ugam, gives a rundown of what we believe are the most significant omnichannel trends to watch for in 2016. >>>

Allen Edmonds switches channels with ease - February 2, 2016

This article featured in Chain Store Age explains why omnichannel footwear retailer Allen Edmonds relies on Ugam to ensure brand and price consistency across a dizzying array of consumer touch-points. >>>

A Beginner’s Guide to Tableau for Market Research - January 11, 2016

Tableau produces a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. In this article featured in the 2016 CASRO Journal, Joel Correa, senior manager of technology at Ugam, provides a few steps to get your feet wet with this popular program. >>>

Tracked from morning to evening - January 7, 2016

As the technology of Internet of Things, wearables, and connected devices become more mainstream, there will be more enriched sources of data available for research purposes. In this article featured in Quirk’s magazine, Felix Rios, Market Research Technology Manager at Ugam, charts out his own connected life and ponders the impact on many new data streams on marketing research. >>>