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Amazon already was the go-to retailer for richer shoppers, and now it has more than stores in their neighborhoods - June 16, 2017

This article on Internet Retailer provides facts and insights from industry experts on Amazon’s added influence over the affluent shopper with its Whole Foods Market acquisition. >>>

How to Transition Your Data Collection Platform - June 7, 2017

In this article featured in GreenBook, Jitesh Marlecha, Assistant Vice President at Ugam, provides a framework for market research firms to consider when choosing their data collection platforms.  >>>

Online shopping makes more consumer data available to retailers, and can improve the impact of segmentation. - June 5, 2017

In this article featured in Internet Retailer, Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, elaborates on some key tactics to improve targeted marketing programs by implementing data-driven customer segmentation. >>>

Driving better ROI through data-driven decisions - May 31, 2017

Data-driven coupon campaigns can help retailers increase their ROI and sales. In this article, Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Ugam, provides a framework that has proven successful for retailers across categories. >>>

How Channel Managers Can Use Analytics to Accelerate Digital - May 16, 2017

Digital is becoming a strategic priority for distribution amongst manufacturers. In this article featured in Retail TouchPoints,
Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Commerical Officer, provides three actionable insights to enable growth across eCommerce channels. >>>

Flipkart acquiring eBay's Indian business - April 11, 2017

This article featured on Retail Dive, highlights Flipkart's recent aquisition of eBay's Indian business and what this means for the eCommerce space in India. >>>

How To: Improve digital product content to boost customer experience, sales - March 28, 2017

Digital product content is the prime element that engages the online customer. Retail Customer Experience features valuable insights provided by Mihir Kittur, on the customer-centric, data-driven factors that affect traffic and customer engagement. The article also highlights Ugam’s findings from its 2016 Holiday Season Report on Digital Product Content. >>>

Big data analyst Ugam sets up in Australia as retailers scramble to fight Amazon - March 15, 2017

Amazon’s entry in Australia has created a sense of urgency among retailers for data and analytics. Find out how Ugam, which specializes in providing advanced analytics plans to take advantage of surging interest from Australian retailers as new players expand and more consumers start their shopping journey online. >>>

Loyalty Programs and Data Analytics - March 8, 2017

With the emergence of online shopping, retention of loyal customers has become increasingly challenging. In this article featured in Multichannel Merchant, Vinay Mony, Principal Data Scientist at Ugam, details how advanced data analytics can help retailers improve the effectiveness of customer retention and loyalty programs through greater personalization. >>>

How Skin Care Brands Can Improve Online Presence - March 3, 2017

Global Cosmetics Industry features Ugam’s findings from its latest report, which analyzes nine prestigious beauty brands and provides insight into how brands can leverage big data to improve their online presence and capitalize on digital manifestation. >>>