The impact of promotional offers on MAP monitoring

Camilla Vaidyanathan, Solution Manager, Ugam,

MAP monitoring, promotionsMy last blog spoke of personalization and its impact on the way we monitor for MAP violations. Closely related to personalization is the effect that promotional offers have on price and therefore on MAP monitoring.

Price wars are a reality and the fight for market share is endless. Consumers are more empowered and always on the lookout for the best deals. It’s no surprise then, that retailers in their quest to gain a competitive edge use promotional offers as a means to increase conversions.

Retailers use a variety of promotional offers to lure consumers to make a purchase. Some of the more commonly used promotional offers being ‘buy one get one free’, ‘x% discount’, ‘enter promotional code’, ‘discounts for loyalty card holders’, ‘free shipping’, ‘contests’, and the like.

In addition to the breadth of offers available, there’s also various channels being used to deliver these messages; retailer websites, social media sites, emails, affiliates.

Brands who want to drive consistent online brand experiences for their consumers put a MAP policy in place. However when it comes to MAP monitoring, promotional offers present a few challenges. Some of the aspects that brands are thinking about are;

  • What is the net price to the consumer after applying the promotion? Is it in violation of our MAP policy?
  • Does the promotional messaging (fine print) include / exclude the products that are under MAP?
  • How many and which channels should we monitor?
  • How frequently should we be checking for promotional offers?
  • How do we ensure we’re able to include personalized offers that are presented to individuals or clusters?
My conversations with several brands suggest that this is an area where brands may be a little out of their depth and need the guidance of an experienced channel monitoring solution provider.

Get in touch with us to know how we’re helping some leading brands!

The Author:
Camilla is a Solution manager at Ugam and is part of its retail analytics team. She oversees the Brand Intelligence solution and is responsible for helping brands use data to inform actionable decisions around pricing, assortment and content. On the personal front, Camilla enjoys singing and would love to be part of a band.


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