WalMart Agressive Leading into Black Friday

While Amazon has the deepest discounts, this doesn't necessarily translate into the lowest category pricing. However, Amazon carries slightly more than twice the selection, which still results in the greatest number of laptops at low pricing. View More >>>
Ugam, November 25, 2013

Revealed: A Little Known Effective Dynamic Pricing Strategy

How customers arrive at your product page can affect how much they are willing to spend on a product. If this information is properly leveraged, you can dynamically price your products to improve margins without sacrificing sales. View More >>>
Vinayak Hegde, Assistant Vice President, Ugam, November 6, 2013

Six Ways To Identify Best Sellers Using Consumer Demand Signals

Consumers are freely and constantly telling us what they like, don’t like, and what they want.But, are you listening in a way that generates actionable insights? If not, you are missing out on an opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. View More >>>
Ugam, June 11, 2013


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