Key Factors to Help Guide your Online Product Content Strategy

Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Ugam,

Key Factors to Help Guide your Online Product Content StrategyToday, online retail reigns supreme so forgoing an online content strategy is no longer an option.  Developing and enhancing product content is essential to driving sales growth, as consumers are not only reading the information, they are using it to make their purchasing decisions.  While price plays a role in these decisions, retailers simply cannot continue to combat the ever-decreasing margin thresholds that are being driven down by bigger competitors. So how do you make your content enticing to your customers?

The answer is simple–you listen.  In the age of social media, consumers are accustomed to sharing their experiences and opinions online.  They are more than willing to express their thoughts on what they like and what they don’t like, so as a retailer, listening to what they are saying can help determine how to cater to their needs more regularly.  Here are a few places to look for consumer feedback:

Direct customer feedback is one, if not the, best way to gauge your performance, your product assortment, and your customer experience. By establishing a space where customers can applaud or vent about the products you carry, you will begin to generate actionable data to use when making future assortment decisions. Not only will you have a better understanding of the improvements you might need to make to your product offering, you will also begin to build a resource for online content where future consumers can digest information about your assortment and customer experience.  Eventually, they might even purchase the product themselves!

What should you do with negative reviews? Respond to them! Not only will this address any issues your current customer is having, it will also show future customers that you are engaged and listening to what they are looking for.

Search Trends
Monitoring search trends is another great way to determine what your customers are looking for online. By identifying specific words or phrases your customers are searching for, you will start to develop a sense of the page content you need to include on your product descriptions. For example, let’s say you’re selling a Bluetooth headset with numerous features, and you choose to list 5 of those features on your product description.  While you may be able to capture the customers searching for those 5 specific features, you could also be missing out on potential customers who are searching for a more popular, 6th feature that you did not include.  By analyzing search trends, you have direct insights from the customer regarding which features are the most important to include in your descriptions.

Key Factors to Help Guide your Online Product Content Strategy

Allowing customers to guide your product content strategy will help your business in more ways than one.  Not only will you offer an exceptional customer experience to entice more customers to purchase through your site, you will also begin to build a source for data that will help drive better decision-making.

Here at Ugam, we deploy content analytics to help you identify your content problem areas and to provide solutions that will improve your sales growth. For more information, write to us to listen to our recent speaking opportunity at IRCE and learn how we help our clients improve the marketability of their product without decreasing margins.

Key Factors to Help Guide your Online Product Content Strategy

The Author:
Mihir Kittur is a Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Ugam. He oversees sales, marketing and innovation and works with leading retailers and brands with insights and analytics solutions around their category decisions to improve business performance.


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