[Infographic] Cyber Monday 2015: Dynamic Pricing Insights for one of the Bestselling Electronics

Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Ugam,

This Cyber Monday is said to have been the biggest ever day for online sales, reportedly bringing in revenues over $3 billion. Much of this sales volume is led by consumer electronics, a popular category among shoppers during the holiday season.

Ugam analyzed the pricing by the hour for one of the most popular electronics of the season: Samsung LED J6200 Series Smart TV - 55" Class to find out how major retailers competed on price during Cyber Monday.

Major retailers such as Amazon adjusted their prices dynamically based on the demand, competitor price changes, and other market conditions to maximize revenues. These dynamic pricing strategies help retailers stay nimble in a constantly changing retail world. 

Based on accurate and timely pricing intelligence, you can know when to raise, lower or keep prices the same. Make sure you take advantage of it to maximize profits during this season.


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