Hit a home run with your baseball bats assortment this summer (Part 2)

Savino Lobo, Assistant Vice President, Ugam,

Assortment, Merchandizing, AnalyticsIn part 1 of this blog  we covered the top 20 trending baseball bats that you’d quickly want to add to your assortment if you haven’t already, to be in time for the summer shopping season.

Besides looking at the top trending products, we believe that merchants can derive very useful assortment insights by looking at the composition of these trending products. What types of products are these? Which brands?  How are they priced? Which attributes are trending? Clearly, these brands, the price ranges and their attributes represent the preferred choices of consumers. That’s something that every retailer should pay attention to.

Assortment, Merchandizing, AnalyticsA brand - price analysis of the top 20 trending baseball bats (see chart on right) shows that Easton dominates & is clearly a popular brand  followed by DeMarini. In addition, these trending products go across the price spectrum and are split equally above / below $250 - showing that high-priced products are as popular as lower end ones.

Take a look at the split of the trending bats across Material and League (see chart below). It looks like bats for Baseball rather than Softball are trending and Youth Baseball bats are the most popular.

Assortment, Merchandizing, AnalyticsAnd while a purist may root for wood, none of the trending bats are wood; composite and alloy bats sharing the honors. So if you currently have a higher composition of wooden bats, then you’d probably want to add more alloy & composite bats to your assortment.

Assortment intelligence that provides a comprehensive "category state of the union" (which includes consumer preferences for attributes) can drive smarter merchandising decisions in branded categories like baseball bats and more so in
non-branded categories; see this example in the furniture category.

The Author:
Savino Lobo is an AVP at Ugam and is part of its retail analytics solutions team and oversees the assortment intelligence solution. He is passionate about leveraging democratic data to help retailers make better assortment decisions. Savino has over 12 years of experience developing research and analytics solutions. Outside of work, Savino enjoys traveling and trying cuisines from around the world besides spending time with his twin 3 year old boys.


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