Hit a home run with your baseball bats assortment this summer (Part 1)

Savino Lobo, Assistant Vice President, Ugam,

Assortment, Merchandizing, AnalyticsWe’re in the middle of the baseball season and the coming summer months are likely to be high sales times for the baseball bats category. If you are the merchant for this category in a retailer, then you’ve got a small window of time and will need to act quickly to ensure that you’ve got the right assortment to impact the summer shopping season.

Like we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, you need to carry the products your customers want.  And we believe that tapping consumer e-demand signals like reviews, search trends, social signals is a good way to understand consumer preference trends.  Assortment intelligence that delivers a good understanding of consumer choices, preferences and competition or in other words a "category state of the union" can uncover compelling and actionable intelligence to drive smarter merchandising decisions.

We used Ugam’s Democratic Demand Index (DDI) model – (which consumes and synthesizes the demand signals to arrive at the top trending products) for the baseball bats category and came up with a list of the Top 20 trending baseball bats. Here, I’m focusing on the Top 10 trending baseball bats that were mapped across 13 retailers of different types…

Assortment, Merchandizing, Analytics

In terms of the retailer coverage, Justbats is the leader carrying all the Top 10 bats while other baseball focused deep assortment retailers (Baseball Express, Baseball Rampage etc.) and specialty sports retailers (DSG, Sports Authority etc.) have a few gaps that they could act on. However, mass merchants like Walmart and Target that have smaller assortments, don’t carry most of the Top 10 trending bats.

If you do carry baseball bats but don’t figure on this list of retailers, then you can compare your assortment to this list, assess your coverage and act on the gaps – and do it FAST!

Systematic and comprehensive assortment intelligence is now possible with big data tools and techniques that merchants can use to leverage planning in-season or for hind sighting.

Coming up next… we’ll look at the attributes for the Top trending bats and understand which attributes are popular.

The Author:
Savino Lobo is an AVP at Ugam and is part of its retail analytics solutions team and oversees the assortment intelligence solution. He is passionate about leveraging democratic data to help retailers make better assortment decisions. Savino has over 12 years of experience developing research and analytics solutions. Outside of work, Savino enjoys traveling and trying cuisines from around the world besides spending time with his twin 3 year old boys.


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