[Report] Does REALLY have the best product assortment?

Savino Lobo, Assistant Vice President, Ugam,

In today’s hypercompetitive retail landscape, having a unique and desirable product assortment is key to achieve differentiation and be relevant to customers. Amazon is ostensibly regarded as the one with the widest variety of products often at the lowest prices, but does this notion always hold true? 

Ugam analyzed the assortment and pricing in key sporting goods categories and compared them against several competitive online retailers to learn whether Amazon actually offers top trending assortment and the best prices. Here’s what we discovered:

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Analyzing competitive data can help retailers identify opportunities to compete better. Many retailers have benefited from Ugam’s Assortment Intelligence solution, which generates insights about what products to keep, carry and drop. The solution delivers accurate, credible and precise data that helps identify assortment gaps, and enables retailers to make better, more systematic and timely assortment decisions. 

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The Author:
Savino Lobo is the Assistant Vice President of Assortment Intelligence at Ugam. Savino has over 12 years of experience in developing research and analytics solutions and is passionate about leveraging democratic data to help retailers make better assortment decisions.


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