Case Studies

Leverage Qualtrics XM Platform to Improve Community Engagement

Learn how Ugam helped a US public school quantify and understand community sentiments using Qualtrics experience management platform

Seamless Transition to Qualtrics for Effective Analysis of CX

Learn how Ugam helped a leading bank transition to Qualtrics CX platform for effective analysis of customer experience responses

Enable Quick Health Risk Screening Through Automated Flexible Screening Programs

Read how Ugam facilitated employee and patient health risk screening for a large US public hospital system

Optimize Qualtrics CX platform for actionable insights on patient experience

Learn how Ugam helped a leading US healthcare brand improve patient experience by leveraging Qualtrics CX platform

Fortune 50 Mobile B2B Retailer Delivers a People-Based Experience with Adobe Experience Cloud

Learn how a Fortune 50 Mobile B2B Retailer increased share of in-market mobile phone shoppers for its Business to Business unit

Transforming the Digital Experience for a Global Insurance Company

Learn how a global insurance company improved its marketing investments.

Best-in-Class CRM with Adobe

Learn how a global family entertainment company expanded CRM activities from a market level to a corporate level.

Top Retailer Gets A Global CMS With Adobe Experience Manager

Learn how a top global retailer saved millions in licensing cost by consolidating on AEM.

Closing the employee experience gap through a large EX survey implementation

Learn how Ugam helped a large multinational bank use Qualtrics EX platform to improve employee experience

[Quick read] Leveraging AI/ML to analyze feedback and improve customer experience

Explore how Ugam, a Merkle company, leverages AI/ML to analyze feedback to deliver superior experience.