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Amazon India vsFlipkart Ugam’s recent analysis of exclusive smartphones by Amazon India and Flipkart reveals which retailer offered smartphones that shoppers prefer based on online shopper-intent signals. Read more

Research firm Leading independent research firm, Forrester, cited Ugam in their July 2016 report, ‘The Insights- Driven Business’, as an example of an industry specialist they expect companies to work with. Read more

Consumer Goods Technology Readers Ugam highlighted as “Editors’ Pick” in the Consumer Goods Technology Readers’ Choice 2016 Survey. The Editors’ Pick section recognizes companies that are making a respectable impact in the industry and should be noted. Learn more

Digital coupon promotions are a great way to attract customers. Find out how Ugam helped a leading retailer run a data-driven coupon campaign to increase web traffic and conversion. Read case study: Increasing Web Traffic and Conversion through Coupon Campaigns

Improve Conversion by Data-Driven Content Interventions A large U.S. based multi-channel distributor of electronic components improved conversions and website traffic by deploying Ugam’s product content analytics and enrichment expertise. Read case study: Improve Conversion by Data-Driven Content Interventions



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